1. Telegram for Lucidor
Lyrics and music: Cornelis Vreeswijk
Lyrics reworking: IRMELIN

Make hay while the sun shines.
Winter, sorrow and death and are always
waiting ahead.

2. Emigrant
The beginning of my journey, trad after Maria Röjås

We sold our homes, trad after Börjes Samuel Hansson from Rättvik, Dalarna

Song from Utanmyra


A suite of emigration songs. Between 1850 and 1930 more than 800,000 Swedes left for a better life in America. We sold our homes tells of their hardship, loss of pride and longing for the homeland they will never be able to return to.

3. Lapp Nils
Two polskas after the fiddler and singer Måns Olsson from Jämtland

Like many others we have been inspired the incredible rhythm of Måns Olsson's diddling (mouth music). Thanks to Susanne Rosenberg for the idea of singing the two polskas simultaneously!

4. Vårt enda hem är kärleken (Our Only Home is Love)
Lyrics: Pär Lagerkvist
Music: Ulrika Bodén

Our only home is love
Like a kind and caring mother
Profound as life itself

5. Jag ser på dina ögon (I Can Read Your Eyes)
Trad after Nygårds Kersti from Boda, Dalarna
Lyrics reworking: Maria Misgeld
Maria solo

Life without love I compare with

A tree without nourishment that

bears no fruit

Yo are not worthy of my true love

If you take another and abandon me

6. Kommer han till fönstret (Knock at the Window)
Trad after Britt Marie Swing from Delsbo, Hälsingland
Lyrics reworking: IRMELIN

If my love knocks at the window I shall not let him in.
But should he enter and stay all night,
I shall not tell of my love for him.
Yet should he leave as quickly as he came,
I will but dream of his return.

7. Jungfrun och Båtsman (The Maiden and the Sailor)
Ballad after the tailor Carl Olsson from Ahlnäs, Bohuslän
Lyrics reworking: IRMELIN

The maiden sat in the corner embroidering gold onto leather when in strode a sailor
- There they played, they played with golden dice

The sailor gambled his silver laced shoe, the maiden her pride and loyalty. Three times the maiden lost to the sailor. She offered him three thousand coins and half her father's kingdom, but the sailor would only accept his promised winnings. The maiden sullenly prepared for her wedding, only to discover that the sailor was a disguise – he is in fact the handsome son of the king of England.

8. Kärleksvisa (Love Song)

Trad after Ingeborg Munch, Denmark
Translation and lyrics reworking: Karin Ericsson Back
Karin solo

The stars in the sky are paired two by two, and so you and I shall walk this path upon our wedding day. You gave your promise and then you betrayed me. You think I care for your riches, but when riches vanish, love remains. Now I have no companion, I am lost like the wild sheep of the forest.
So farewell my sweetheart, we will meet again on Judgement Day.

9. Bjärs Nicklas' waltz
Trad after Svante Pettersson, Gotland

10. Giftasvisan (Marriage blues)
Trad from Österbotten
Lyrics reworking: Malin Foxdal

I am in no hurry to marry, it never ends well anyway.
There is an abundance of eager men, but not one of them without fault.
An old husband will only complain; a young one will be lazy.
Take one and you lose another.
Best to wander with every one of them, then you betray no one – no!

11. Den gråtande drängen (The Weeping Peasant)
Music: trad polska from Hälsingland
Lyrics: Humorous song from Jämtland
Melody and lyrics put together by Gunnel Mauritzson
Lyrics reworking: IRMELIN

The peasant sits on the stair and weeps. If only he could lie in the maid's bed he would cease weeping. The peasant lies in her bed and continues to weep. If only he could lie upon her arm he would cease weeping. The peasant lies upon her arm and continues to weep. If only he could touch her bosom...

12. Som stjärnan (Every Hour is like a Month)
Trad from Östergötland

Hearding call over the archipelago by IRMELIN

The stars in the clear sky long for the night
And so I long for you my dear
Every hour is like a month
Every month is like a year
I long for you so much my dear
But you shall never be mine

13. En midsommarafton (One Midsummer's Eve)
Trad song after Dansar Edvard Jonsson from Malung, Dalarna
Lyrics reworking: Malin Foxdal

I will never forget
One midsummer's eve
Even if I grow old
as the moss on the trees
For as I stand
And watch the water flow past
I hear my sweetheart call from within

Oh, how they dug and sought
And searched in vein

14. Sörj icke gråt icke (Greave Not, Weep Not)
Music: trad lullaby from Hallingdal, Norway
Melody reworking: Gunnlaug Lien Myhr
Original lyrics: Ottar Grönvik
Translation/lyrics reworking: Maria Misgeld

Greave not, weep not my dear
You shall live contented
Upon this earth
Laugh and sing towards

The summer sun
Dance like the waves

Upon the wild ocean

15. Å du vet (The Three Codes of Conduct)
Trad song after Margit Tveiten Vinje, Telemark, Norway
and 'Kivle møyane', gangar after Hanne Kjersti Yndestad
Swedish lyrics: IRMELIN

At a Norwegian wedding there are three codes of conduct: toast to the bride, dance the halling for the bride, and kick up your heels so the beams bow!

16. Kvällen stundar (Evening Draws Near)
Trad wedding song after Dansar Edvard Jonsson from Malung, Dalarna

Evening draws near and the sun sets.
The pleasure of this perfect day will never be relived.

All arrangements by IRMELIN

Recorded by Gunnar Misgeld october 2005, Yxlö, Stockholm

Mixed by Gunnar Misgeld & IRMELIN

Mastered by Gunnar Misgeld

Produced by IRMELIN & Gunnar Misgeld


Graphic design: Lukas Råberg

Photography: Marcus Råberg

Sleeve notes: IRMELIN

English translation: Emma Reid

Stylist: Karin Olebjörk

Hair & Makup: Helena Andersson


Thank's to:

Our loved ones and sources of inspiration

Sparbanksstiftelsen, Stockholm

Ulrika Gunnarsson at Svenskt Visarkiv, Marcus, Olof, Mattias, Hugo & Margot, Eric & Kerstin, Ingrid & Gunnar, Lukas, Emma, Gunnel, Karin, Helena, Hady, Noa Noa for clothes and everyone else who helped to make this production possible.