Gyldene Freden

1. Visa i vinden (Song in the Breeze)

Lyrics and music: Cornelis Vreeswijk

Lyrics reworking: Karin Ericsson Back


I sing a song in the breeze

I sing a song in the storm

My heart finds no ease

My heart has no form

And great is my pain

2. När solen tänder sina strålar (When the Sun Lights Up Its Rays)

Trad from Gotland/Sörmland
Lyrics reworking: Karin Ericsson Back


When the sun lights up its rays

With love I think upon you

In the evening sunlight's painted blaze

All my thoughts are of you

3. Signatur Karlsson - Evig vår & Helga Andersson (Karlsson - Eternal Spring & Helga Andersson)

Lyrics and music: Olle Adolphson


Under the penname of Karlsson, this man submits a personal ad to a woman with whom he danced

one dance in the summer of 1967. He has never stopped thinking about her since she disappeared that night. And she has also been thinking of him for an entire life, as is revealed in the reply;

I wait both night and day

Come Karlsson, take me away from here

Come Karlsson and make me happy!

4. Förglöm mig ej (Forget Me Not)

In the tradition of Aasti Nisi from Telemark, Norway

Translation and lyrics reworking: Maria Misgeld


Forget me not in true happiness

Forget me not when sorrow bears down

Forget me not as I rest in my grave

Forget med not - I will never forget you

5. Bergslags Ersson (Miner Ersson)

Lyrics and music: Peter Carlsson


A gripping story of a miner who, after having witnessed a terrible accident many years ago, still hears the cries of his comrades from the depths of the mine. He drinks to forget and to honour their memory...

The story is inspired by an Irish song about a shipwreck.

6. Min älskling du är som en ros (My Love You Are Just Like a Rose)

Lyrics and music: Evert Taube


My love you are just like a rose, pink and bloomed anew

Like the sweetest music, love, are you

When the seas run dry and the mountains melt to red

I will love you still my love, when the Earth lies dead

7. Nu mörknar min väg (Now Darkens the Way)

Lyrics: Dan Andersson
Music: Nisse Munck

Waltz in the tradition of Hans Brimi, Norway


Now darkens the way, my day's work is o'er

My heart it is tired and my seed it is sown

Like a beggar O God I stand at your door

And roses of blood line the path I have trodden

8. Drick ut ditt glas (Drink Up Your Glass)

Lyrics and music: Carl Michael Bellman

Lyrics reworking: Malin Foxdal


Drink up your glass, see death awaits you,

sharpens his sword, and stands at your door.

Be not alarmed, the grave door's ajar,

soon closed again, perhaps for another year.

Movitz, your sickness drags you to the grave

now pluck an octave.

Tune up your strings and sing of the spring.

9. Romans i moll (A Romance in Minor)

Lyrics: Einar Moberg

Music: Charles Wildman


A soft romance in minor rings out where're I go.

Our spring dreams fill the song from long ago.

While right outside our window the summer roses fade.

Our young and tender story in a minor waltz is played.

A soft romance in minor full of shy and tender words.

My heart's young dream is held in this melodic verse.

10. Avskedssång (Farewell Song)

Lyrics: Dan Andersson
Music: Trad.


A farewell song from one poet to another and a greeting to the hometown of  "a brother who roams a foreign land with a soul heavy with memories..."

11. Dansen på Sunnanö (Dance on Sunnanö)

Lyrics and music: Evert Taube


There is a dance on Sunnanö and Rönnerdahl is dancing
with little Eva Liljebäck at the hotel ball.

And through the window drifts a scent of lilac and of jasmine,
fresh across the island night into the hotel hall.

12. Supa klockan över tolv (Drink 'Til After Midnight)

Lyrics and music: Carl Michael Bellman


A song about capturing the day and living life to the full!

"Drink 'til after midnight, live among the fools

The ground will be my bed, my light the sun

I live without a worldly care my mind unbound by rules,

'Til poor I fall asleep as I turn numb"

13. En broder mer (Another Brother)

Lyrics: Stig Dagerman

Music: Elise Einarsdotter

Musical reworking: IRMELIN


You cannot build the world again

Be still your soul so restless

Only do this simple thing;

Show all others kindness

This you've done with such good grace

The stars themselves are smiling

For every hungry person less

With another brother blessed

Karin Ericsson Back Malin Foxdal Maria Misgeld


Three female singers meet in the vocal traditional music of Scandinavia. Dark and elegant songs and tunes in personal arrangements that emphasise improvisation and individual expression. With personal arrangements and great passion they tell stories that are equally relevant today as they were centuries ago.


Alla arrangemang av IRMELIN
Recorded by Jan Wibeck - SAMI, Stockholm jan-feb 2008
Mixed och mastered by Martin von Schmalensee - Kingside, Stockholm mar-apr 2008
Produced by IRMELIN

Graphic design: Lukas Råberg
Sleev notes: IRMELIN
English translation: Emma Reid & Roger Wilson
Photos taken at Den Gyldene Freden, Stockholm by Patrik Andersson
Styling: Johanna Hovring


IRMELIN sends sincere thanks to:
Peter for your wonderful singing and musical inspiration!
Martin, Janne, Lukas, Patrik, Johanna Emma och Roger for your artistic work.
Agneta, Linus och Magnus at Den Gyldene Freden, Stockholm.
Noa Noa and Ekovaruhuset for clothing and accessories.
Pierre Ström and YTF, Elise, Olof, Mattias, Sofia, Gunnel, Anna, Sara, Mårten, Anders, Mats, Esmeralda, Lars Dylte and Scalateatern and Teater i Haga.
Our families and friends.